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I'm so grateful to Drs. Cohn and Flood for giving me a new lease on LIFE!! I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with foot pain to make an appointment TODAY with the doctors of First Step Foot Care!

I have struggled with chronic foot and ankle pain since 2001. In that time, I've seen three podiatrists, three orthopedic surgeons, two chiropractors, two physical therapists and an acupuncture specialist. I've had custom orthotics since the beginning and have worn aircasts, survived multiple steroid injections and taken a lot of anti-inflammatory medicines.

As a collegiate swimmer and avid weight lifter, I've enjoyed a pretty active and healthy lifestyle all my life. However, all that stopped in 2012 when I suffered a sprain in my left ankle and a subsequent collapsed arch with associated posterior tibial tendonitis and tendonosis.

Since 2012, my pain would fluctuate between a 3 and a 9+ depending on my activity level. If I stood too long or walked too far I would be in excruciating pain. By the summer of 2016 I had had enough. I liked to joke "If I were an animal, I would have gnawed my foot off by now!" I was prescribed a steroid pack and walking boot by my second Podiatrist, which I wore for nearly nine weeks. The boot actually gave me more mobility than I had had for several years! I was hopeful my tendon would 'settle down' and heal, but that didn't happen.

My doctor and I discussed surgery as a last option. However, the possible negative effects, recovery time and uncertain outcome made this a less than desirable course of action. Physical therapy helped, but I was still stuck with this BUM foot!

Then I heard about First Step Foot Care. I made an appointment with Dr. Cohn to learn more about Amniofix (stem cell) therapy and EPAT - a sonic impulse therapy. Dr. Cohn was very thorough in his explanation of this experimental treatment. He described how the "growth factors" in the injection worked to repair damaged tissue. We went on to discuss EPAT - a treatment similar to that used to obliterate kidney stones - and how this treatment might break down scar tissue resulting from my years of chronic injury. In my mind, I was definitely a good canilldate for this cutting-edge medical treatment. I made an appointment that day.

The plan was to use one vial of Amniofix diluted with saline to provide me with four injections in crucial locations in my foot and tendon. I was instructed to expect swelling, but that was a necessary part of the tissue repair and helpful in the healing process. Then came the shots.

We started with lidocaine at the injection sites. The shots were no problem. But I won't lie, when the numbing effect of the lidocaine wore off a few hours later, I was in SIGNIFICANT pain. Dr. Cohn prescribed a non-codeine based painkiller for me, but I didn't take it because I'm very sensitive to all painkillers. Ifyou can handle it, I suggest taking a painkiller before and after the treatments. The pain started like a broken bone, but quickly (within a day or so) was back to my old friend, just chronic pain. Dr. Cohn also prescribed 12 more weeks of physical therapy with a new plan for my physical therapist, whom I'd been seeing for seven months.

Two weeks passed and my pain level was still between a 4 and a 6, so Dr. Cohn suggested we try EPAT to speed the breakdown of scar tissue in my foot and ankle. This "sonic blast" therapy sounds like a great ride at a water park, but was far from exhilarating. The theory behind EPAT is to break down scar tissue and increase blood flow to the repairing tissue. Again, I suggest taking a painkiller and using lidocaine cream before the treatment. The promotional material said to expect "some discomfort" - that was a bit of an understatement. BUT, after the treatment, Dr. Cohn asked me to stand on my tip-toes - something I haven't been able to do for years without terrible pain. To my astonishment, I could! Without pain! Incredible!

It has been one month since my injections and two weeks since the EPAT. I've kept a written log of my experience complete with pain level, photos and range of motion to document my recovery. I'm still healing, but have noticeable decrease in pain and swelling. I still need to wear my custom orthotics (and likely always will), but I've already been able to return to some of the activities I enjoyed before this all began.

The treatments were definitely the 'first step' in recovering from years of pain and, at times, total immobility. See First Step Foot Care and make the first step in your treatment be your last!

- Koss, Mary

Dr. Flood has a bedside manner that most unfortunately do not posess. He actually cares about how his patients feelings and is very reassuring when explaining the treatment he thinks will work in your best interest. He is a caring person and a great Doctor

I am very pleased with Dr. Flood and his kind staff. They are all very kind, very respectful and both answer any questions I may have. It's a pleasure being a patient at their office. 

I really enjoy visiting your facility.  All of your staff is so courteous to me.

I was very pleased with all aspects of your office and personnel. For any additional consults or needs, I will be very happy to use your services again.

I think that Dr. Flood is one of the best doctors I have ever seen.  He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring.  I have highly recommended him to others.

Just want to thank the staff for a pleasant visit!

I have always been impressed with the Doctors and Staff at the Waconda and Arlington Heights offices. Keep up the excellent work.

Dr. James Flood is the one to go to for any foot or ankle problems! He is a board certified Podiatric Surgeon and has offices in Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich, Wauconda, and Algonquin. He is also the Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Northwest Community Hospital in AH.

Dr. Flood successfully treated my injured ankle a year ago and is now treating a heel spur and plantar fasciitis on the opposite foot. He is truly a doctor who cares about his patients and takes the time to explain everything about your condition and his treatment. He does everything he can to treat your condition before recommending surgery. I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the unbearable pain I had disappeared after my first visit with Dr. Flood! The orthotics he prescribed were made very quickly and are very durable. They can also be tweaked and repaired as needed.

After all the years of treating my feet I have made this office a family event! My husband and children are all treated by these Doctors. Now my mom sees them too. Keep up the great work!!!! Forever thankful.

Dr. Flood is an excellent and caring physician.  He has gone above and beyond his duty in treating my daughter.   I am also a patient of his, and when my daughter needed help with a knee problem, I sent her to him for consultation.  Her ordeal has been long and tedious with outcomes still questionable, but Dr. Flood has helped her more than any other doctor or physical therapist.  He truly cares for her well-being and I, as a mother, appreciate this attention and concern.

I have never had a foot problem before so I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Lee explained everything and the procedure was totally painless.  I would certainly come back if I had additional Problems.

Regarding your office and staff, I have been very pleased.

I have seen four of your doctors and they are all outstanding.

Dr. Lee and her staff are wonderful! Thanks.

It took me awhile to finally decide to come in and have my problem looked at and I can't believe the difference your care has made in my quality of walking.  I would recommend your practice always. Your staff, nurses and quality of care  with Dr. Flood is A+ in my book. Thank you again.

Dr. Flood is amazing -- Exceptionally talented and knowledgeable he obviously keeps up with the difficult dynamic aspects of podiatry.  His knowledge of antibiotic treatment truly solved a serious problem I had in the past.  This is over and above what I expected in a podiatrist's knowledge base.  I am always confident that I have the best care when  I finish my appointment.

I was very pleased when an issue came up regarding the purchase of a medical device.  It was handled in a professional way by Ryan, who is an asset to your practice.   I will definitely recommend Dr Flood and the practice to my family and friends.

Dr. Flood is very professional and an extremely skilled physician. He performed surgery on a toe of mine. He informed me of the entire procedure in a manner that I fully understood what was going to take place. I am in the healing mode as of now, but the surgery he performed looks excellent. I felt he sincerely cared for me as a patient and did a wonderful job in surgery. Watch out we may see him in the top 100 doctors in Chicago.

I had an excellent experience at FSFC and I have recommended you to several of my family and friends already. Excellent work!!

Dr. Lee was wonderful! I was so upset that I broke my foot. She took the time to explain everything to me. I was not rushed at all. All of my questions were answered. Monica was also so wonderful. Thank you!!

The staff has always been friendly and helpful no matter how busy the office is.

I have referred many friends to your office and will continue to do so. Your office and staff are wonderful!

As I had stated before, I'm so pleased to have found Dr. Flood.

Long time patient, would not go to anyone else.

Always receive top-notch professional service from this organization.

Dr. Wilczynski is the kindest physician I have ever dealt with. He is very thorough and informative as to keeping my problem from happening again. I will definitely request to see Dr. Wilczynski for ANY further foot problems. Thank you.

I love this office everyone is so friendly and you just don't see that at too many offices anymore. Thank you!

I highly recommend the practice to everyone who has any foot or ankle problems.

Experience was excellent. Hopefully, I won't need to, but if so, will definitely return.

I always look forward to seeing this office. You all are so nice and friendly, not to mention accommodating! Thank you!

I like the fact that the office always texted/emailed me about upcoming appointments. Everyone in the Wauconda office are WONDERFUL!! Almost sorry my foot has healed-always enjoyed my visits to the office. 

First Step Foot Care should be the guiding example for how all Doctors' offices should run. I have always had excellent care by EVERYONE in the office. I have recommended people and they have all been equally satisfied. I really feel that they care about me and what may be ailing me. Recently, I had foot surgery and was stunned to receive flowers from the office within hours of arriving home; that was the ultimate in frosting on the cake! Thank you!!! 

As always great service. I always tell people about the great care I get from your office. i feel forunate to have been referred to your offices many years ago, i know i am getting honest care for my feet and that my comfort matters. Thank you. 

Dr. Flood was gracious and caring. He's an amazing person and I feel so fortunate to be in his care. 

I've been a patient (along with 3 children) of First Step for about 12 years. I've never had anything but top of the line treatment & care. 

Dr. Lee is wonderful, she explained everything thoroughly, contacted my physical therapist immediately and called me the following morning with information she had researched about medications that would help me. I truly appreciate her concern and care.

Dr. Lee was extremely professional and informative. She was always asking me if I felt any pain and did everything she could to ease the pain. Dr. Lee answered all my questions and eased my fear of the procedure. I would recommend your office and Dr. Lee to anyone who needed foot care.

Very well run office. Didn't wait long. Was told everything in easy to understand terms. Nurses or staff members were attentive and informative. Made it easy to come into a new office and feel comfortable.   I think the staff and doctor are exceptional.

Everyone was great, they saw my son quickly, and both the staff and Doctors were extremely concerned with his care. Dr. Lee even provided her cell number for texts and updates, and saw him before clinic hours to evaluate his condition in time to return to school. Thanks to everyone for your concern and care!

There are many scary podiatry stories out there! I was very pleased with Dr. Lee's professional attitude and helpfulness. It is no wonder your office is recommended by my favorite doctors.

Dr. Lee is the best, she is very knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend her to friends and or family. I am so very happy I have her as my new Physician.

Dr. Lee was extremely professional and informative. She was always asking me if I felt any pain and did everything she could to ease the pain. Dr. Lee answered all my questions and eased my fear of the procedure. I would recommend your office and Dr. Lee to anyone who needed foot care.

Diagnosis and treatment is always right on. Absolute trust in Dr. Flood and staff - no second guessing. Thank you for exceptional care.

I had to have my prescription changed and a letter for work and they were both done in record time! I am truly happy with the wonderful service, thanks.

Your practice has the most professional and caring employees! I wish all doctors offices were just like First Step Foot Care.

I like that the website can be checked to see if appointments are on time or behind schedule. Very helpful

I was able to get in for an appointment immediately because of my injury. Thank you for great client services. As always, Dr. Flood was excellent --- thank you Dr. Flood for your treatment of my injury.

I was very impressed, it was one of the best office visits I've had in a long time. I would definately come back. Keep up the good work.

I appreciated leaving the office with a detailed plan for my treatment, clear instructions, and hardcopy material to support my understanding of the condition.

The courtesy and excellence I've experienced at your facility and with Dr Wilczynski has made my recovery from the foot surgery I had so easy. Thanks to all of you.

I called on Friday morning in a lot of pain from an ingrown toenail and they fit me in the next morning on Sat. and took care of the nail even though they were booked that day and I didn't have to wait long for the doctor to see me.

This is strange. I just sent an email to one of my sons, telling him of the wonderful care at your office and how Dr Flood explained everything to me. I also appreciate how friendly and professional your office is and always has been. Thank you to all of you for being so warm, welcoming and professional. Somebody has great hiring skills. Dr Flood has always been excellent.

I have recommended many of my friends and acquaintances to your practice. I think you are the best podiatrists around. Thank you for your skill.

I am so happy that my broken foot is healed but I will miss your wonderful staff. I love Dr. Lee. She spent quality time with me at each visit. I was never rushed. She was very professional yet made me feel like a friend. Monica was wonderful since Day 1. Thank you again for your time and expert care.

My first visit with Dr. Lee, and I believe she's a wonderful addition to your group. She is caring, considerate and very knowledgeable, and took the time to inform me of how to care for my toe problem. Thank you.

From the demeanors of your employees, it seems your office is a happy place to work! Fast, professional service. Thanks for healing me.

You guys always put your best foot forward. Nothing new.

I have always experienced the staff and doctor being very concerned, sensitive and personable during my visits. It is a pleasure to come to the office and experience it as a comfortable, friendly place knowing I am important to them. Thank you for this.

I come in regularly and I highly recommend any of the doctors at this office. They are all excellent. I especially like their friendliness and understanding.

This Wauconda office and its entire staff are excellent; very professional, very knowledgeable and caring regarding my diabetis condition. Plus the Dr. Comfort shoes that were recommended are perfect for me as I do a lot of walking. Thank you very much!

 already have recommended Dr. Lee to family and friends. She is the third doctor I saw regarding my condition, and the first one who knew what was really wrong with my foot. She is very knowledgeable and realistic. I appreciate the amount of time she spent talking to me and answering all my questions. It seems like most doctors these days just try to rush you out as fast as possible, so I truly appreciated that.

From the demeanors of your employees, it seems your office is a happy place to work! Fast, professional service. Thanks for healing me.

Always good service from the receptionist to the doctor. Friendly staff, clean rooms, informative Doctors.

First Step Foot Care has an amazing group of medical professionals!

YOU FOLKS ARE GREAT!!! Every time I am treated with respect and caring as if I was a family member. Thanks and keep up the good work.

As usual, a very positive experience visiting First Step Foot Care. It's so nice to have a nearby practice that treats its patients so well. Keep up the good work!

Each visit to the office for treatments has been excellent: very professional, yet personal from the the time I've entered the door until leaving. I feel very confident that my diabetis is under the very best foot care possible. Additionally I've found that the walking shoes that I acquired under the doctors' recommendation have suited me very well during cross training walks that I do between training runs and organized races. It's my pleasure to recommend treatments from First Step to anyone.

Dr. Lee is wonderful, she explained everything throughly, contacted my physical therapist immediately and called me the following morning with information she had researched about medications that would help me. I truly appreciate her concern and care.

Dr. Ashley Lee went above and beyond anything I would ever expect from a doctor. She showed she genuinely really cared for me even going so far as letting me send her a picture of my foot to her personal phone on a day which she was very busy and sending me a reply back to ease my fears! She is the reason I will send all my diabetic friends your way. Please thank her again for me and let her know to keep up the good work. I have seen a ton of doctors in my time and she will remain one of my top favorites! Thank you again.

Dr. Lee was top notch and extremly informative and explained everything in great detail and spent a lot of time with me. The staff was also top notch showing me how to use the night split, xrays and checking. The online forms for new patients was awesome.

Honestly - the First Step Foot Care team is the best. Website & e-mail appt notification is great. The office staff, nurses and physicians  are caring, friendly and competent. We are VERY thankful for the referral to First Step Foot Care!!!

Dr. Flood was awesome. He was kind and very gentle. Very professional and yet made me feel comfortable. Thank You.

Dr. Flood and his staff are truly the best. I appreciate his conservative approach to surgery and ensuring that I follow up with physical therapy, splint usage, etc. I have spoken to others who've had similar surgery but disappointing results because their doctor did not require the after-surgery care that Dr. Flood did. Also, it was a very pleasant surprise to receive flowers from his office right after my surgery and the birthday e-mails. The text and e-mail reminders for appointments are vital for a person like me. I strongly recommend him to anyone with any type of foot issues.

2008 was a challenging year for my healthcare. Two surgeries, three hospital stays and an ER visit. WOW! Thanks to you for taking care of my toes. I appreciate it very much that you took on the challenge knowing that my diabetes was a factor in my recovery. No infections and everything turned out great. My shoes fit nicely and I am walking with out any discomfort. Just like I used to as a Marine.

Thanks again Doctor Flood.

Previously, I had been to three different podiatrists with essentially the same problem. FOOT PAIN ON THE OUTSIDE OF MY RIGHT FOOT. With each doctor, I spent approximately a year on and off treatments. My foot was injected, wrapped up numerous times, and I was sent to physical therapy and released being told all would now be fine. I was with doctor #3 for two years. I had ankle surgery, and the following year a nerve was removed to hopefully bring an end to my problem. After my foot had healed from this surgery, I went back to the doctor and told him I still had the same pain on the side of my foot. It was determined that I should have a MRI of my foot.

I was then sent to doctor Flood to get a gait analysis of my walk hoping that the cause of my problem would be found. I called to make an appointment and later in the day, the receptionist at First Step Foot Care said to me that doctor Flood had an opening that day if I wanted to see him first. I thought Well, I’ve been thru three podiatrists and I might as well spend twenty minutes to see what doctor Flood had to say.

His staff took some foot x-rays and doctor Flood came in the room and asked me one simple question, has anyone told you that you have arthritis in the joint where my pain was. He touched the spot where I was hurting and outlined what would be needed to finally get a positive result to my problem.

I met doctor Flood by accident because I had the choice of either seeing him or just making the appointment for the gait analysis. How fortunate for me! My first appointment with doctor Flood was in the 2nd week of January 09. On a scale of 1-10, my pain level was always between 7-10. My foot would only recover to a pain level of 2-4 after doing nothing for one or 2 days. After four weeks of treatment, my pain level decreased to actually being pain free for 3 days in a row! During the next four weeks, I am pretty much pain free and when my foot seldom gets intense, my recovery is overnight along with some stretching exercises.

I know this is rather lengthy, but four years is hard to consolidate. How fortunate I am to be treated by doctor Flood. It’s a great feeling to feel optimistic doing activities I’ve been unable to do.

I thank you Dr. Flood for what you have done for me

First I would like to thank the wonderful staff at FSFC. I have had foot issues for most of my life, and have gone to a handful of different doctors in the area and had no luck.  Finally I get to sleep the whole night and no pain… In the morning I had to sit up on the edge of the bed before standing not anymore I get up running, well not really running. I can stand and walk right away no bracing or sitting before moving. I have told a lot of people with feet issues that without a doubt they should go to FSFC and believe they will be fixed and able to walk without issues.

A very happy patient, (well, a past patient because I am all better)

I feel very confident with Dr. Flood and his diagnosis of my foot. He really put my mind at ease and because of him I did not have surgery on my right foot and I was so relieved and I'm doing great. I had three surgeries on my left foot from a previous surgeon and it was not fun. I love the staff; they are very kind, helpful and very professional. It's a great office.

Your staff at the Wauconda office is very professional, kind and compassionate. One of the most important things is I feel when you walk into your office someone acknowledges you right away. I have walked into offices where you stand there for five minutes no one says a thing. It's called disrespect but your office has a lot of respect for your patients. You are the best.

I want to sincerely thank Dr. Flood for his excellent care.

Dr Flood, the surgery was as good as you assured me it would be. I never experienced pain - not to any degree. I have heard the horror stories of other women and cannot wait to tell them how great my experience has been.
Thank you so very much!!

The office staff as well as Dr. Flood was kind, courteous and very professional. My husband and daughter go to another podiatric office but after my experience with Dr Flood and staff, they will be transferring over to your office. I felt that my foot concerns were addressed completely and honestly and for this I am very grateful!!!

I really appreciate First Step Foot Care. The staff there was friendly and act very professional. I enjoy everything they have to offer from the computerized x-rays, laser scanning for my arch supports, completing my patient medical forms through the internet, a reminder of my appointment via text messaging and electronically transmitting my prescription to my pharmacy... its very high tech. Personally, I will recommend First Step Foot Care and their staff to anybody else who needs podiatric services. Excellent on everything... Keep up the good work.

I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Flood...and I like his approach.

I received excellent care at First Step in Wauconda!  I was training for my fourth marathon and had foot pain for the first time in my life. It came near the end of my training, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run the marathon. I was running for a charity, and so making it to race day was very important to me. Dr. Flood and his staff took such great care of me!  They got me in right away after I called. I felt so comfortable there and received one on one attention from the Doctor and the nurses. He explained to me what happened to cause my injury, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again. I learned so much from him. After 1 day I no longer had pain and could walk comfortably. After 3 weeks of excellent physical therapy that he recommended, a pair of Sports Orthotics made by Dr. Flood, and a list of recommended shoes to wear, I was able to run the marathon. It was a miracle!  As a runner himself, Dr. Flood took my training very seriously and focused on my healing so that I could continue running high mileage with no more injury. I now run with my sports orthotics and pay close attention to my feet. They are in the best shape they've ever been in!  I have recommended First Step to many people and will continue to do so.  Thank you to Dr. Flood and all the staff for your professional and caring attentiveness to me.

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