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Custom Orthotics

The physicians of First Step Foot Care are one of only a handful of podiatry practices in Illinois who now use a state of the art 3D scanner and computerized foot analysis system as means of capturing data about your feet, the way you stand, walk and run. This data is then used to make custom orthotics, which are designed to be worn inside everyday footwear, aligning your feet in their optimum position. The scanning system uses true foot contours in order to produce a high-quality orthotic. The digital image combined with the practitioner's prescription is electronically transmitted to the lab where their technicians decode, analyze and evaluate every orthotic order prior fabrication. The result: a superior orthotic device that is shipped back to the physician office approximately within two to three weeks.

Most insurance plans provide complete or partial coverage for these products on a yearly basis and this will be verified before impressions of your feet are obtained.

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