Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

We Have A Quick, Painless & Effective Treatment for Unsightly Nails:

  • Quick, in-office procedure
  • Painless laser procedure
  • No downtime
  • No prescription medication
  • Affordable rates

What are the symptoms of nail fungus and how do you get it?

If your nails appear yellow, brittle or thick, you may suffer from an infection called onychomycosis, or nail fungus. It can be caused by foot perspiration, poor shoe/sock ventilation, walking barefoot in damp areas such as a grassy yard or a locker room. It is also a common side effect of diabetes and chemotherapy. 

Treatment options for nail fungus:

  • Topical medications, which only contain the fungus and have low success rates.
  • Prescription medications that can interact with other medications and require regular blood tests.
  • Surgery, removing the nail all together.
  • Laser treatments which are painless, quick, affordable and have an 88% efficacy rate.

Laser treatment is an effective way to rid your toenails of unsightliness in as few as one to three treatments, depending on the severity of your condition

What should I expect from the laser treatment?

  • Your nails will be cleaned and filed
  • Each toe will be treated with the laser
  • You will feel a mild, warm, painless sensation
  • Treatment will take approx. 10 minutes
  • Immediately return to your normal routine
  • New growth will emerge in 2-4 months


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